Don't get caught with a Dead Battery!!!

Mini Jump Starter is the MUST HAVE item, this little unit packs a huge punch, and fits in the palm of your hand, it boasts a 13,600mAh LiPo super cell that can jump start a car or truck up 10 times on a single charge.


Capacity: 13,600mAh

Material: LiFePo Super Cell Battery

Output: 5.1V - 12V - 16V - 19V

Max output: 400CCA

Input: 5V

Weight: 2.1 pounds

What comes in the box:

* Nylon carrying case - 1 piece

* 13,600mAh LiPo Super Cell Battery - 1 piece

* Heavy Duty jumper cables commercial grade alligator clamps with Smart overload protection technology and Auto Reset NO FUSES - 1 piece

* USB 4 in 1 cell phone charge cable iPhone 4 - iPhone 5 - Android - Micro - Mini - 1 piece

* Car charger adapter - 1 piece

* Wall charger adapter - 1 piece

* Lap Top connectors - 8 pieces

* Lap Top charge cable adapter - 1 piece

* Detailed instruction manuals with colored pictures and detailed illustrations - 1 piece

* Warranty card - 1 piece

* Quality Control inspection certificate - 1 piece

Note: "Don't be fooled by cheap lithium-ion battery versions of this product"

Note: "Don't be fooled by cheap versions with the in line Fuse"

Category: POWERMAX

Type: Powerbar

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I charge the PowerBar?
Connect the PowerBar to any USB power source using the included USB cable.
Be sure the tip connected to the USB wire is firmly plugged into the tip that goes in the PowerBar .

3. What separates the PowerBar 12000mAh, 6000mAh and 3000mAh.
The PowerBar 12000mAh offers a larger battery then the 6000mAh or 3000mAh
2. What is Battery On The Go's return policy?
Please visit the returns link at the bottom of our website for details. 

4.How do I charge my phone?
Press and hold the larger silver button for 5 seconds.