Unboxing the PowerBar

When opening your new PowerBar device you will immediately notice the quality of the product. Included with the PowerBar is a universal retractable USB cable, an owner's manual, and a warranty card.

note: color of wire and configuration may vary.

Charging your cellphone with PowerBar

To charge your cellphone or other small electronics, simply plug the device into the PowerBar and press the button to initiate charging. Enjoy the freedom to charge on the go and have power when you need it.

Re-Charging the PowerBar

Charge your PowerBar with the included USB cable by placing the Micro USB tip into PowerBar and the USB into your computer. You may also use a USB wall charger or USB cigarette lighter charger (accessories purchased separately) to charge PowerBar.

4 LED Status Indicator Fuel Gauge

Always know how much power you have left with the touch of a button. PowerBar’s convenient and simple status indicator shows battery life in 25% increments so you’re always in control.

Quality Assurance

Each and every PowerBar unit is inspected and tested thoroughly at our factory. Only after passing a series of tests and inspections does the product get packaged and shipped to our customers.

PowerBar Design Philosophy

PowerBar is designed to integrate with your lifestyle and compliment your devices in a personalized way. Our high quality, rugged, aluminum chassis comes in eight vibrant colors that are sure to make a statement.

LED Flashlight

To use the built-in LED flashlight, press the silver rectangle button two times Fast.
Click - Click
The LED flashlight will remain on until the rectangle button is pressed twice again.


Quality Assured

Every PowerBar is rigorously tested for quality assurance before leaving our factory. If for any reason your product doesn't live up to your expectations, we will make it right and thats our GUARANTEE!